Common Problems

Endondontic treatment may be necessary if you are experiencing the following conditions:

  • Pain that lingers after eating cold or hot foods – This occurs because the pulp of the tooth has been damaged due to severe decay, trauma or a large filling.
  • A sharp pain when biting down on food – Most likely this occurs because the pulp is damaged, and the periodontal ligament surrounding the outside of the root may be inflamed. The tooth may be cracked or have some decay. The pain may also occur due to crown or a large or loose filling.
  • Pain and pressure that is severe and will not go away – The tooth may have an abscess. Your doctor will examine the tooth, recommend treatment to alleviate any discomfort and attempt to save the tooth.
  • Aching and pressure in the upper jaw and teeth, but not severe – This may be a sinus headache. Bruxism (teeth grinding) may also cause this type of discomfort. You can take over-the-counter medications to treat a sinus headache. Call the office if the pain becomes severe.

For the most part, a temporary sensitivity to cold and hot foods does not indicate a dental problem. In most cases, simply brushing with toothpaste made for sensitive teeth can alleviate discomfort.